My name is Raheem Uqdah. I am a designer whose mediums are both digital and physical.  I work to help businesses, organizations, and individuals identify target audiences and create experiences and objects meant to engage and retain that audience. Please take a look at my work to hear about my process, and reach out if you are interested in working together.


Thank You.



The projects highlighted in this section give an insight into an area of my work that involves expanding and evolving brands. By working within guidelines and with an intention in mind we are able to streamline experiences and increase brand recognition with users and patrons.


This work includes copy writing, logo design, print design, packaging, and advertising, as well as web design and user experience work.



Quality print design gives a company or individual the opportunity to have a user or individual experience something in a more tactile and honest form. The printed object is a reminder and a reference to something more, and when used properly it can leave a lasting impact with your audience.


This work includes copy writing, print design, and typographic work.



Human centered design is at the core of my design practice. I think about how users will move through spaces and experiences and how they will react with the final products. From furniture to experiences I work to create simple and harmonious design that engages users and the world around the work.


This work includes 3D design, experience design, and furniture construction.


raheem@uqdah.life • 937-232-5893 • raheem.uqdah.life

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