Springfield Promise Neighborhood is a nonprofit working in the post industrial city of Springfield, Ohio. They work with the city schools to provide after school programming and extracurricular opportunities to low income students and families. Within a one year contract I worked to unify their branding and messaging in order to create a more holistic vision of their work. This was done by simplifying the uses of color to accent their missions and by using a consistent tone in the copy written for print, web, and email marketing efforts.

Promise needed a giving campaign capable of reaching both the families they serve everyday as well as a way to educate new potential donors. Together with the administration we designed a giving card that allowed donors to use their dollars to vote for desired and continuing programming. With a series of postcards we created a system of sharing and Promise's work and outcomes simply. The cards were designed in a way that it also give recipients the ability to donate Online or on mobile anytime and any place.


By pairing our print campaign effort with a digital outreach campaign which spoke of the work of Promise and showed that work in action we created an effective counterbalance that engaged our Online community. Placing copy that uplifted and called our sponsors to action we were able to convert some Online interest into real monetary conversions.

Shortly after the launch of the giving campaign I took the time to give the organization's logo a refresh and update. I did this by taking the brand's existing logo and structure and first fully incorporating the brand's colors to increase vibrancy and  recognition. By deciding on a sans serif font for their logotype I was successful in making the new logo appear cleaner and more approachable.


One of my final undertakings with Promise was to design and implement a new website and strategy for their digital presence. Starting with a wire-frame and a site map I was able to write copy that succinctly described the work of Promise. From the home page you can learn more about the organization or be directed to their events or donations page. By unifying messages and consolidating information I was able to take a disjointed digital experience and streamline it to work toward visitor education and donor conversions.

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