Bitwit is a tech related YouTube channel, who creates video content explaining and reviewing computers and hardware. Kyle Hanson the founder and host placed a call for a redesign of the company's logo. Kyle called for a logo that could be defined as simple, clean, and iconic. The brand was interested in a design solution that could stand alone without logotype. Also noted was a desire for a logo that could be used on merchandise as well as for digital branding purposes.


My partner Kayla and I began toying with the word play associated with Bit and Wit. This stream of thought led me to begin the process of iterating on the concept. By varying colors, size, element features, and text we were able to test ideas and refine them to a final version. We landed on a design that provided colors that are striking, an image that is iconic and capable of meeting the needs of Kyle and the entire Bitwit team.

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