During a branding class, myself and a team of students worked to decide on a market and name for our capstone project. We were instructed to take this kernel and expand it into a complete brand with ads touch points and consumer strategy. The four of us would share a common starting point but each of us would develop our version of the brand on our own throughout the process. From the original concepts moving forward, I wanted to take the brand in an edgy and craft direction. Choosing a target audience of 21-35 year olds helped to shape the copy and vice for the brand. This allowed me to better target and design for this demographic.


To fit with contemporary design trend the logo was kept clean, simple, and iconic. The brass knuckled playing off this idea of a bar fight, and the imagery of boxing working as a backbone to the brands copy of achieving excellence in craft. Continuing this level of play with the packaging and labels allowed space for bold colors, iconic images, and impact-full typography.

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